At Move Beyond Pilates we offer

  • Private Pilates classes: You get the benefit of a fully personalized experience. You have the complete attention of the instructor who will tailor the session to your body and your goals. If you are new to Pilates or have any movement restrictions, we highly recommend that you start with Private classes.
  • Semi Private Pilates classes: You will still get a personalized workout, but you are sharing an instructor who will help both you and your friend/partner reach your goals.
  • Small Group Pilates classes: If you are new to Pilates and want to learn together with a few friends, we can set up a small group and start from the very beginning with the basic Pilates mat exercises, and then move from there. If you have previous Pilates experience or have taken a series of private or semi private lessons, we can create a small group class taught as a circuit workout on the equipment. In either case, you will enjoy being cheered on by your fellow Pilates enthusiasts. New groups will form as needed. 3 people per group.



Privates, 55 minutes:

  • Single session   $90
  • 5-pack   $425 ( $85 per session )

Semi-Private, 55 minutes (2 people):

  • Single session   $60 per person
  • 5-pack   $275 per person ( $55 per session )

Small Equipment Group, 55 minutes (3 people):

  • Single session   $45 per person
  • 5-pack   $200 per person ( $40 per session )


Payment and Cancellation Policies:

Payment is due the day of your scheduled session. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

If you need to cancel a class, please do so by email ( or leave a message at (650) 336-0037 at least 24 hours before the scheduled start of your session. We will charge the full rate for any late cancellations.